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We accept payment
only through the website !
and in rare cases through the wallets specified in the feedback section.
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Its very simple to buy from us something :)

  1. On the homepage choose the door
  2. In the following window choose the game (for example lineage 2)
  3. Further, at the left you will choose the server where you play, if its:

    1) purchase of In-game currency = simply fill all fields there and pay the order, delivery takes usually 5 to 10 minute. by mail or if there is no mail you will receive an PM for place to pick the delivery.
    2) purchase of game equipment = you need to choose simply a equipment, fill all fields there, and to pay the order, in 90% of cases delivery takes usually up to an hour. But in general depends on that when the owner of the equipment appears to be online.
    3) purchase of characters = similar to point 2, remember after purchase of the character you receive complete control, account \mail etc, after purchase you change all data and if its everything ok, we pay money to the Character's owner.
    4) purchase of leveling \ quests = all conditions \ prices are negotiated with every departmentof leveling separately because there are a lot of servers, then the manager will give you the reference to payment of the stipulated sum

    All the Payments passes only through the site!!!
    Remember - you can return money at any time!!!

If you have still questions, come into the section Contacts and contact us. Our experts will help you to solve any problem with pleasure!