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Select the server
+ Classic
- Gran Kain
- Shillien
- Skelth
- Airin
- Athebaldt
- Blackbird
- Cadmus
- Lancer
- Ramona (new)
- Asterios x5
- Asterios x55
- Averia x50 (new)
- Averia x100
- ПАРТИЯ х3 (new)
- MIDGARD x5 (new)
+ (new)
- HIGH FIVE x5 (new)
+ +
- Lionna x7
- Nanna x75
- GVE (new)
- Scryde x10 HF
- Ketrawars x1 (new)
+ x3
- x3
- TheBattle.Club x55
Description of procedure
  1. Choose the server where are you playing.
  2. Choose the goods.
  3. Purchase.
  4. We contact the seller.
  5. We take away your paid order.
  6. We give out it personally to you
    (as a rule from 1 to 3 hours)

This way, you can't be deceived in any way, even in case the player suddenly already sold that placed in the announcement money comes back to your account but we will watch relevance of the announcement.

The paid announcement cleans up at once!

To see the ad,
Select the server
  1. You press “Place an ANNOUNCEMENT”
  2. You fill in all information.
  3. The announcement appears in the list.
  4. The client pays the goods, we are getting
    in touch with you.
  5. We take away, checking compliance to the description.
  6. If everything meets, we report to the client.
  7. Also we pay your announcement.

This way, swindlers can't deceive you in any way, having taken away goods without having paid it.