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                                 Most of people will have a question, what is a bot?
Answer: The bot is a program which carries out for you any actions. For example it is possible to stay in some location and the character himself will farm exp killing mobs in the allocated zone, to drink healing potions, self buffs, and that's the minimum that an bot program can do.)

                                                                   Is there any danger to use bot program?
Answer: In general in game are denied to use any foreign programs, but at the system level the bot program are impossible to identified, so to catch the ban is reduced to 0(zero). If u will use the bot and your presence will be, than to catch a ban is impossible. If there is a hint that you are checked somehow by administration, simply switch it off. In case if the bot is on and u left from the computer and someone from Game Masters or administration will simply remove buff and the bot instantly will start to buff then they will understand that you are using the bot and will ban you or for example the bot will farm exp without responding to any messages.

                                                         Is it difficult to use the bot?
Answer: To use it's absolutely simply, for example if you use a mage, it is simply:
A = Bind a fighting skill
B = Bind to drink healing potion at HP (lower than 80%), example if there is not enough MP(Mana Points) get the 2nd window that will fill Mana or to adjust that the character would sit down at 20% of MP and got up when it will restore.
C = designate a location on the map that he woudn't run on all map of game:)

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