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We accept payment
only through the website !
and in rare cases through the wallets specified in the feedback section.
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200 RU 
the game and servers


The procedure:

  • Make and agreement about the transaction with the person with whom you want to carry out the transaction.
  • Contact us on skype veysru, create a conference on 3 persons (the guarantor the veys \buyer \seller) in a chat, describe conditions of your transaction. Receive our agreement to render intermediary services of the guarantor of the transaction.
  • Each party tells us that has to transfer according to the transaction.
  • We check which was received from each party on compliance to the conditions specified by you earlier (Full data on an account, presence of characters, compliance of subjects, in case of the transaction with an account - passwords and information for restoration changes).
  • After check we transfer received by us to the relevant party.


You can be on 100% sure, who would not deal - you will not be able to cheat. The biggest risk for you – not the performance of its obligations by the other party, but in this case, we will refund what we received from you. Thus, you have nothing to lose.

After the transaction, we are not responsible for game values.