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and in rare cases through the wallets specified in the feedback section.
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Every person before ordering doubts the honesty of the seller


To avoid such a doubt, we have created on our website section called "Safeguards" which will write in detail why we should trust.

  We got trust from best pay systems like :

Also we got a lot of guarantees :

  1. Our reputations , we are trading already for the 5 years and we got thousands of satisfied clients and most likely you heard about us not the first time.
  2. All our web money wallets and web online pay systems have passports (that u can check during the payments)
         Yandex Identified account   41001725796125
         Qiwi account (it is the same number our chief Administrator Paul) +7 906 529 98 97 
         Webmoney BL  (Personal passport) R349532836817 





  1. Comments. We went for a new level and didn't limit ourselves with only comments on our website (which we could write ourselves) but we are not doing that.
  • VK.com http://vk.com/club51954573. Every customer who left a comment is a real person. To check that u can check his account photo or ask himself if he will not be against it about the purchases.
  • Video comments on Youtube.com, for that purpose we even created a channel were we are uploading them and also on our web site.
  • Forums, independent forums with are big visit of people, some of our customers are finding us there and write comments to us://zhyk.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=736940&highlight=veys.ru
  1. If we would deceive someone, our site wouldn't be so popular..
  2. We got connected 3 web cash. If the transaction condition wasn't satisfied at least with 1 client, the web cash would be blocked and without it our site couldn't exist, and take orders. 
  3. Approximately on 1000 orders we got 1-2 dissatisfied clients, and most often appear that they are guilty, telling in game that they bought game currency. It is forbidden, that's why we are the black market.

    All our advantages can be listed for a long time if you still somehow have doubt, make initially minimum an order, later we will make to work together well and we hope that you will be our regular customers :)