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     Some of our history from
         what it all began!

Our project was born in September 2011 when we started with sale of in-game currency (adena) in the game lineage 2. We were working without website through icq and skype. After a year in 2012 we decided to create a website and name it ADENA-VEYS.RU

The name wasn't chosen from random it was created from 2 words, first one was ADENA (lineage 2 currency) and second VEYS - that was nick of the character which was farming Adena :).

In February 2014 we created new website Veys.ru, we did it because the additional word ADENA doesn't fit for all games and it was too long, not convenient.

From what did we start:

  • We were farming adena with regular characters in Lineage2

Who did we became:

  • We are providing sale in-game currency on most popular Games, more than 100 servers
  • Providing sale of equipment and characters
  • Providing leveling up to characters of our clients

Additional we are providing help to our customers in solving their problems :

  • How to pay,
  • What is better to purchase,
  • How to spend money wisely .