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1.1 The offered goods and services are provided not by request of the face/enterprise operating WebMoney Transfer\Qiwi\Yandex system.

1.2 We are the independent enterprise rendering services and independently we make decisions on the prices and offers.

2.1 The enterprises operating WebMoney Transfer\Qiwi\Yandex system don't earn any commissions or other remunerations for participation in rendering of services and don't bear any responsibility for our activity.

2.2 The certification made from WebMoney Transfer\Qiwi\Yandex, only confirms our requisites for communication and proves the identity. It is carried out at our desire and doesn't mean that we are somehow connected with sales of operators of WebMoney\Qiwi\Yandex system.

3.1 All our requisites are registered on our director, according to the passport, only he has to them a full control

4.1 Purchase and sale of game currency, and also steam accounts and keys, is forbidden by rules and license agreements. Buying, you completely take the responsibility for safety of your character or account.

4.2 In return we try to use the safest ways of transfer of game currency or steam keys and accounts, also and for decrease in probability of tracking of operations by administration.

5.1 More detail about guarantees you can read in our section of the Guarantee.

6.1 Buying any Bot programs you take all responsibility for their use, because it is forbidden to use them in games, they are very often lead to blocking characters or accounts.

7.1 Paying any order on our resource, you automatically subscribe to Newsletter of our advertising on your mail, after the order it is possible to unsubscribe.

8.1 Delivery is carried out from 1min to 12H if over this time the order isn't delivered contact our consultants, tell them number of the order. There can be some problems with deliveries of the provided services. Contact us!

8.2 ПAfter payment if you suddenly specified a nickname mistakenly, you can write to our consultants we will renew this order.

8.3 ЕIf the order didn't arrive to you yet, you can request return of payment from consultants at any time, for this purpose it is necessary to specify number of the order, and it will be returned.

8.4 At the order of service of leveling, price-work or by time (driver), cancellation or return of means after performance it isn't possible.

As a rule buying something from us for 95% passes successfully but sometime there are also incidents, but after examination what was the reason or why it happen, mostly the buyer is most often guilty, or somehow showing that bought it in the black market, or wasn't accurate when using

So if you decided to use our services, it is not necessary to advertise or then you will regret it, yours faithfully the