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+ 100ru for the comment
Сняв видео отзыв о нас
+5% bonus
Приведи друга, получи за него бонус!
Cumulative bonus
Плати меньше, получай больше
Мобильное Устройство
Каждый месяц мы разыгрываем мобильные устройства


                 ARE WAITING FOR YOU


Want to get game currency, or anything in our store at 100ru for FREE?! Then you have to do the following steps:

  1. You must have made at least 1 order in our store!
  2. You should make a video review about us
  3. Download video , and link the video to throw into the group , the best reviews will be confirmed in section (YouTube Reviews) on our website!
  4. Join our consultants, you've uploaded a video, let nick\server where to give you in-game currency for 100ru

    Important:  A review should be done in day of the order!

But, if you are shy , but you have the desire to receive a bonus of 100ru, it is enough to show the camera:

  1. Your workplace
  2. Our website
  3. Your purchase




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