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+ 100ru for the comment
Сняв видео отзыв о нас
+5% bonus
Приведи друга, получи за него бонус!
Cumulative bonus
Плати меньше, получай больше
Мобильное Устройство
Каждый месяц мы разыгрываем мобильные устройства

and both get a bonus of +5% in-game currency

You need to invite your friend to our site,
and to help to buy him something from our range

Important! To ensure that the bonus is active you need:

  1. When ordering in the item title (skype\icq\vk) specify the username who invited you, example inscriptions: "Friend Tozer" and pay for the order
  2. Seeing the word friend in the issuance of the order, the consultants will immediately see, and manually thrown bonus +5%
    Invited on their next order does the same, writes nick who was invited, and receive +5% 

Also when ordering, it will be checked whether the orders with the given nickname , and if so, when the issuance will be credited with the promised 5% extra in-game currency 

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